Recruitment solution for hospitality businesses

Are you looking for staff but don't have time to go through hundreds of CVs and cover letters, or to interview applicants who you hope will be the right person for the job?

HOSPO RECRUIT is a recruitment service tailored for hospitality and like-minded owner-operated businesses, who want an affordable and professional recruitment solution to help them utilise their valuable time to interview and find the right person.

What's the difference about HOSPO RECRUIT?

  • HOSPO RECRUIT offers two recruitment packages - the Recruiter and the Finder. Both packages include a valuable report called the Labour Market Test (LMT) report.

    The HOSPO RECRUIT LMT report will show information and evidence of the employer’s genuine attempt to employ a local worker and reasons why an employer has offered a position to a person from overseas who is applying for a work visa.

  • As well as using the traditional online job sites of TradeMe, SEEK, job advertisements are also uploaded on QJumpers, Hospitality NZ and the Work and Income job boards.

  • HOSPO RECRUIT can save employers valuable hours by writing and uploading job advertisements on various job boards, opening and looking through hundreds of CVs and covering letters, making a shortlist and if required, setting up interviews and reference checks.

  • Exclusive to HOSPO RECRUIT is the Hospitality NZ Talent Pool where thousands of hospitality job seekers have registered their interest.

  • HOSPO RECRUIT uses professional recruitment consultants who have an eye on what to look for and will match suitable applicants that meet the brief.

You still have full control

The recruitment process is trackable and all applicants’ information is available to the employer online.

HOSPO RECRUIT provides employers with their own dashboard to view all applications (including those who did not make the shortlist).

To view the HOSPO RECRUIT packages please download the pdf flyer below.

Do you still have more questions?

Please view our FAQs here.

Need help to find the right people to work for you?

Call HOSPO RECRUIT on 0800 407704

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