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With the expert advice of the regional management team we can offer members professional legal advice at no additional charge* to the annual membership subscription. Our specialty areas are Alcohol Licensing and Employment and this advice can be provided to you by one of our ten Regional Managers with the support of our in-house lawyer. We also provide advice on the preparation of Health and Safety Plans in order to meet OSH requirements, Building Warrant of Fitness and Fire Regulations.

* Charges may apply where our in-house lawyer or Regional Manager is required to travel to a mediation or hearing as your representative.

1. Employment Relations Advice

Our Employment Relations Service includes:
  • Free employment advice 24 hours per day, seven days per week by way of our toll-free number. As examples, advice is available on such issues as: Public Holiday entitlements, Parental Leave, ACC entitlements, negotiations with employee unions, written/verbal warning procedures, employee dismissals or redundancies.
  • Access to current industry wage rates and salaries as per our annual survey.
  • Assistance with personal grievance claims.
  • Advice and representation at mediation hearings after 12 months full membership at a nominal charge of $1,000 + GST, plus travel, accommodation and disbursements if applicable.

Access to the most up to date employment documents tailored for the Hospitality industry that includes:

A. Model Employment Documents
  • An application form for hiring staff
  • A draft letter of offer of employment
  • A variety of draft individual employment agreements, depending on the status of your employees, e.g. wages versus salary employees.
  • A draft dispute resolution procedure
  • A model set of house rules

These documents are available online via our website at no charge. Your Regional Manager is available to assist you to use them correctly and/or to personalise them to your needs as required.

B. Information Sheets
  • A guideline for establishing a Sexual/Racial Harassment Policy
  • The Hospitality New Zealand Five Steps to Good Employee Relations
  • A Checklist for hiring staff
  • An explanation of the correct procedure for disciplinary action
  • Employee entitlements for Public Holidays
  • Parental Leave

2. Alcohol Licensing Advice

Similarly, our Regional Managers are able to provide you with advice about alcohol licensing matters. For example:
  • How best to deal with objections to your licence application.
  • What the chances of being successful in applying for a variation to your liquor licence might be.
  • Assistance with Special Licence applications.
  • Clarification of your rights to trade on special days, eg ANZAC day, Easter Friday, Christmas day.
  • Clarification of who is able to drink on your premises - in terms of minors.

We are also able to provide you with guidance on how best to work with your local authorities regarding your alcohol licence. Our Regional Managers are involved with Local Liquor Liaison Groups and meet with relevant parties to discuss licensing matters on a regular basis. We have also been involved with the development of many Local Alcohol Policies and continue to lobby on behalf of members. In addition, we have a library of information regarding alcohol licensing case law that may be valuable to you if you are having problems with your alcohol licence application.

Hospitality Business Resources:

We have 160+ resources on employment, health and safety, food act, accommodation, alcohol licensing, general hospitality issues.

Employment Resources:

Essential Employment Pack (EEP)
1.1 Essential Employment Pack
1.2 Good Employer Relations
1.3 Writing a Job Description
1.4 Employment Status
1.5 Offering Employment
1.6 Offering Employment Flow Chart
1.7 Application Form Template
1.8 Letter of Offer of Employment Info Sheet and Template
1.9 Employment Agreement Info Sheet and Template - Individual

1.9 Individual Employment Agreement Info Sheet & Template
By law every employee must have a written Employment Agreement - this is also the best way to protect your business. Hospitality New Zealand makes this easy for you and for you to update employment agreements as and when the law changes. For example, when the 90-day trial period was introduced we added this to our template Employment Agreement as well as developed a Trial Period Info Sheet.

1.10 Model House Rules
1.11 Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure
1.12 Establishing a Sexual Harassment Policy Info Sheet and Template
1.13 KiwiSaver - Employer Obligations

Individual information Sheets and Templates
2.2 Honesty in the Workplace - Tips for Employers
2.3 Trial Periods
2.5 Offering Accommodation to Employees
2.6 Drug Testing in the Workplace
2.7 Parental Leave
2.8 Reference Check - Character Reference Info Sheet and Template
2.9 Reference Check - Past Employer Info Sheet and Template

Job Description Templates (Key Positions)

Hospitality New Zealand has identified 23 positions in the hospitality industry and prepared sample job description templates that can be customised to your specific needs. They can also be used to evaluate the performance of your staff.

3.1 Union Access - Employer Obligations
4.1 Buying or Selling your Hospitality Business
9.1 Annual Holidays - Employer Obligation
9.2 Holidays Act - Employer Obligations Info Sheet and Flow Chart
9.6 Holidays Act - Recording Requirements
9.10 Christmas, New Years - Holiday Employer Obligation

13.2 Electrical Safety
11.12 Claiming for Damages to Room
11.13 Accounting for GST in OTA bookings
11.14 Working for Accommodation - FAQs
Swimming Pool Guidelines - Hospitality Industry
Motel Lease Template
Cash Flow/Budget Planner - Motel
Independent Contractor Agreement - Accommodation Relief Managers / Minders

General Info Sheets
11.1 Music in your Buisness - Copyright and Obligations
11.2 Profit Margins
11.3 Armed Hold-Up Safety Sheet and Incident Recording Template
11.4 Smoke-Free
11.5 Human Rights Act
1.21 Food Safety During an Emergency

Health and Safety Resources
13.1 Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 - Fact Sheet
Health and Safety 10-step Toolkit
H.9 Set of 3 ACC - Booklets to assist businesses with Health and Safety (How to Manage Hazards, Improving Workplace Safety & Health, Training and Supervision)

Alcohol Licensing Resources
10.1 Licensing Visit Rights and Obligations
10.2 General Regulatory Visit Rights and Obligations

10.3 Christmas Day, Easter and Anzac Day - Sale of Liquor Restrictions

It is important to understand your responsibilities under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, especially when there are specific restrictions on the sale of alcohol on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day. Hospitality New Zealand provides practical advice to ensure you have a clear understanding of your legal requirements and offers 24/7 advice on preparing special licence applications and other specific inquiries on the sale of liquor to keep your business operating.

10.5 Checking Identification
10.6 Trespass Notice
10.7 Host Responsibility
10.8 Appointment of Manager Template
10.9 Acknowledgement of Responsibility to Check ID Template
10.10 Special Licence
10.11 Controlled Purchase Operations
10.12 Dealing with Intoxication and Place of Safety
10.13 Drug Assisted Sexual Assault
10.14 Controlled Purchase Operations (Internal)
10.15 ARLA Hearing

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