Workplace Staff Development Training Courses

Artisan Consulting are experienced training providers with courses in Customer Service, Leadership and Team Development that can be held at your workplace or at an off-site venue.

They pride themselves in providing high quality, energetic, high impact, fun training experiences. The following courses are available for up to 25 employees and Hospitality New Zealand members can enjoy an added bonus of a 20% discount on the training courses listed below.

A workplace training course costs:

Half Day: $1200 + gst
Full Day: $1950 + gst (Additional costs for travel/accommodation/room hire etc)

For full course information and bookings please contact Artisan on 0800 40 41 42, email or go to

Customer Service - a fresh perspective

A fun and entertaining half or full day course establishes solid customer service strategies. Including:
  • What makes a memorable customer service experience? What motivates people to buy?
  • Personality - does the personality of your customer matter?
  • Conflict - how do you deal with confrontational customers?
  • Selling without being a salesperson Delivering the unexpected to your customer

Leadership and You

A half day, full day, or two day program for supervisors and managers. Includes:
  • Leaders V Managers - is there a difference?
  • Identifying the characteristics of an effective and ineffective leader
  • Motivating and developing potential, and managing difficult staff
  • Time management and goal setting as a leader

HOTSALES - strategies to motivate & up sell

Initiatives to make your front line service environment a sales environment and motivate your team to sell with confidence. Half day or full day courses will cover:
  • Product knowledge and How you currently sell your product
  • What is your customer's motivation to buy?
  • Overcoming a reluctance to sell actively
  • Personalising your sales technique to match your customer

The Art Of Delegation

Develop a style of management which allows you to actively encourage your team to use and develop their skills and knowledge to the full potential. This course half day will cover:
  • Identifying those areas of operation that you can delegate
  • Understanding current & future skills sets within your team
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Understanding different delegation strategies and when to use them most effectively

Train The Trainer

If you need trainers within your organisation to show staff new skills or to assess their abilities, this one or two day workshop teaches the following skills:
  • Four elements of Learning and Identifying which learning styles will suit which learner
  • Motivating people to learn and participate
  • Planning and designing a training session
  • Giving constructive feedback and Following up
  • Practical examples of on job training and How to create learning activities

Performance Management Skills For Hospitality Managers

How to confidently structure and conduct a performance management process in an hospitality environment, to inspire & motivate your team. A half day or full day programme.
  • Performance management planning
  • Structuring a performance planning & review session
  • Conducting a staff review
  • Performance management for non performing staff

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